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The Patterson Baptist Church Cemetery is open to the public from dawn until dusk (in daylight).


The cemetery continues to operate and is available to members of Patterson Baptist Church. 


In 1812, John Towner, who had been part of the church for many years, gave the church some land next to his home, near Towner’s Four Corners. The congregation moved the log meeting house to the new site. The next year they built a second meeting house on that site. In 1828, Towner donated his family cemetery to the church. The church bought additional land and expanded the cemetery to include more than 1,000 gravesites.  


The quarry, behind the church, was used not only to make the historic stone wall in front of the church and around the cemetery, but also to help build some of the memorials in Washington, D.C. Also, one of the monuments in the church cemetery was made by John Russell Pope, the man who made the Jefferson Memorial.

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